Even in the hospital – the price is scary 

 $8.2 for this …  


Bad time is here again….

Previously when oil was houvering between the $130 mark, I have concluded that there will be very little likelyhood that the asset prices would somewhat decreased to their pre 2008 level from thier all time high. 

Given the fact that prices are always sticky upwards, it is also not easy they will fall as rapidly. Imagine the mental struggle a seller needed to go through to reduce their prices. However, with the current oil prices and commodity prices, I am worried that I might need to rethink or revisit the hypothesis I laid a few years back. 

Let’s hope all this are just a smoke screen…. China is still enjoying a growth of close to 6% pa, a reduction of 1-2% from 2008. Is it really something that we need to worry? Are all the measures taken by the central banks sufficient ?  Perhaps the measures to curb loan are unprecedented (which I have always argued that it will be sufficient to maintain a soft landing), but so is QE .


Rapid KL – cashless …

I’m taking a bus from Bangsar station. They only accept Touch n go card. And if your card’s balance is less than $3, you can’t board.  

I don’t know what sort of stupid logic that these people have. Maybe I have not travel enough the world to see any public transport snobbish enough to implement such cashless system. Take Melbourne for example, the tram drivers don’t collect cash, a vending machine is set up at the bus stop to allow commuters to buy tickets.  Only in malaysia the public transport company has enough power to as the customer to buzz off if you don’t get a cashless card. 

Oh … Also , the driver is driving so recklessly as if the company didn’t pay him his salary for months! 

O’Briens in Sentral 

 Today’s lunch is $12.50 after the member’s discount. 

So many staffs, so little customer yet service is so poor. 

When I asked for water, one employee got confused and thought that my drink wasn’t served. Then a more experienced staff told me off “cakap la plain water”… So rude.. But better keep quiet lest we know what they are capable of.